New Energy Applications material

New Energy Applications material

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Main Alloy: 1050/1060/1070/1235/3003/3005/5052/5083/8021
Thickness: 0.008-40mm
Width: 8-1500mm
Applications: power battery shell, connectors, PACK box for power battery, power battery compartment, pouches of lithium ion battery, battery cell

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Automotive light weighting is the development direction of the world’s automotive industry, and the preferred material for automotive light weighting is aluminum alloy. The application of aluminum alloy materials in automobiles is of great significance to solving China’s energy shortage, environmental pollution, and low transportation efficiency. Analysis The application of aluminum alloy materials in the lightweight of new energy vehicles is introduced, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles will bring huge market prospects to the development of aluminum alloy materials. It is pointed out that the application of aluminum alloy and other lightweight materials and new structural design are New energy vehicles have core technical advantages such as safety, energy saving, and environmental protection and major lightweight measures.

Aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity and workability, and is an excellent heat dissipation material, suitable for various power products such as high-power substations, stabilized power supplies, communication power supplies, purification power supplies, radio and television transmitters, inverter power supplies, etc. It is also used in the field of power electronic products such as automatic control instruments.

Aluminum foil can ease battery comparison, reduce thermal effects, improve rate performance, and reduce battery internal resistance and dynamic internal resistance increase during cycling; secondly, using aluminum foil to package batteries can increase battery cycle life and improve the adhesion between active materials and current collectors. Reduce the manufacturing cost of the film; the important point is that the use of aluminum foil packaging lithium batteries can significantly improve the consistency of the battery pack and greatly reduce the battery production cost.

Aluminum alloy parts for new energy vehicles are mainly body, wheel, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, electric battery and seat.

In order to increase the mileage, new energy electric vehicles need a large number of lithium battery combination modules. Each module is composed of several battery boxes. In this way, the quality of each battery box has a great impact on the quality of the entire battery module. . Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy as a material to make battery casings has become an inevitable choice for power battery packaging.

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