Deepen lean reform and help Yongjie to upgrade its intelligent manufacturing

Deepen lean reform and help Yongjie to upgrade its intelligent manufacturing

A few days ago, Yongjie solemnly held a lean transformation project kick-off meeting, and the chairman of the company Shen Jianguo personally pressed the start button. “Under the influence of the current domestic and foreign epidemics, the global economy is facing challenges. We must “look inward” and be ourselves, and further establish the advantages of multiple, fast, good and economical’ that can create more added value for customers.” Mr. Shen pointed out that it is more meaningful to start a lean change project at this time.

At the meeting, Mr. Shen issued authorization letters to the consulting company, and issued responsibilities to the 3 project team leaders of 5S and lean team management improvement team, lean PMC improvement team, and TPM improvement team. All participants also took oaths and other links. , And released the work plan.

Finally, Mr. Shen put forward three requirements for all personnel: First, a high degree of ideological unity, when Lean is not completed, only when it is carried out, is the only way for the company to improve and develop; Second, act immediately and strictly Execution; third, work together to achieve the set goals and be able to exceed the goals. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm, and everyone was full of confidence in the expected results.

In the future, Yong jie will insist on paying attention to the innovation of science and technology, cooperated with Beijing University of Science and Technology , Central South University and other domestic famous college, research institutions, owned Provincial enterprise institute and Provincial enterprise research and development center. We research and develop various new type of aluminum material, meeting the technical requirements from different customers.

Yongjie will follow the business policy ”manage world’s first-class enterprise, create international brand products”, Insist on high quality development way, and try our best to create Yong jie as a golden enterprise in aluminum processing field.

Post time: Dec-10-2020


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