Thermal transmission system applications material

Thermal transmission system applications material

Short Description:

Main Alloy: 3003/3004/3005/6060/4343/4045/4004/4104
Thickness: 0.01-6mm
Width: 8-1500mm
Application: Radiator, condenser, evaporator, oil-cooler, heater, separation plant

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Product features: light weight, strong corrosion resistance, good brazing performance, high thermal conductivity, easy processing, odorless, strong corrosion resistance, etc.

It is widely used in heat exchange of automobiles and engineering machinery, civil and commercial air-conditioning, power station cooling, air cooling, honeycomb materials and aluminum alloy battery casings.

As the continuous pursuit of miniaturization of automotive aluminum heat exchangers, high reliability, high thermal conductivity, long life and low cost are eternal themes;

In addition to the improvement of the structural design of the heat exchanger, a high-performance heat exchanger cannot be perfect without a material with high strength and high corrosion resistance and can be thinned as a basis;

Due to the particularity of the brazing process for brazing aluminum alloys, the relationship between various properties must be balanced when developing new materials and new processes to meet the requirements of the comprehensive performance of the heat exchanger;
The development and application of new materials and technologies will definitely contribute to the development of automotive aluminum heat exchangers.

Traditional AA3003 or AA3005 alloys can no longer meet high-performance heat exchange

Requirements of the device:
– Further lightening;
- high strength;
– High corrosion resistance and long life;
-High temperature resistance.

Increasing performance of aluminum alloy:
– Higher strength after brazing;
– Better corrosion resistance;
– Fatigue strength of the pipe material (pipe material);
– Better formability;
– The fin has better anti-collapse performance;
– The fins have high thermal conductivity (fins);
– For the intercooler, it must have higher temperature resistance;
– The alloy can be recycled.


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